What should be checked in the independent mobile development contractor agreement

After finding the right mobile apps company company, and you are in the process of finalizing the contract, there some important things that should be in your contract which are specific to the deal when it comes to any provider of software development

Coverage of service
It includes services that will be part of your project for mobile development like the UX/UI design, app development, quality assurance, project maintenance, and project management.
Intellectual property
It is an essential part of the contract that ensures that your interests are secured. It is something that has to state that you will have the right to all that will be in the software development that will be created by the developer within the project.
The contract has to include this particular clause regulating the use of your confidential information. The person working on it has to commit that, they are not going to disclose any information regarding your project that is not meant for the public
Choice of law
The contract has to indicate a place where you will resolve your dispute in case one arises. It is very important, especially if the mobile development company you settle for is located in a different country. Your partner must have to pick the judiciary of their respective country. You will have to make a compromise and choose the country with laws of the jurisdiction that you understand.
Advance payment
It is an important part of the contract. The advance payment is not supposed to exceed the cost of that the team is putting in the work for one month while developing the software. In case the contractor requires that you pay for several things such as licenses or hardware at the start of the project, then giving out higher advance payment is allowed.