The Different Types Of Gas Mask Bongs: Which One Is Right For You?

Searching for a whole new and fascinating approach to smoke your chosen herbs? In that case, then you should think about utilizing a gas mask bong! These unique bubblers smoking cigarettes gadgets may be found in numerous styles, so that you can get the best one to suit your needs. This article will go over the various kinds of gas mask bongs and allow you to choose which 1 suits you!

Kind #01: Plastic-type Gas Mask Bongs

One of the most well-liked kinds of gas mask bongs is made of plastic. These bongs are usually very affordable and simple to find. Nevertheless, they are certainly not as resilient as another options on this listing. If you are looking for a cheap and happy alternative, then this plastic gas mask bong is ideal for you!

Sort #02: Window Gas Mask Bongs

If you are looking for the stronger solution, you should consider a cup gas mask bong. These bongs are typically higher priced than their plastic-type material brethren. Continue to, they are going to go longer and provide a greater using tobacco encounter. Glass gas mask bongs may be found in numerous colors and styles, in order to find the ideal 1 for your needs.

Sort #03: Metallic Gas Mask Bongs

If you are searching for the best durable alternative, you should think of metallic gas mask bong. These bongs are generally created from stainless steel or lightweight aluminum and may keep going for a lifetime with care. Even so, they are also the highest priced solution about this checklist. In case you are seriously interested in smoking cigarettes your preferred natural herbs, metallic gas mask bong is an ideal choice!


Now that you find out more concerning the various kinds of gas mask bongs, it’s time to choose the ideal one for your needs. Look at your budget and using tobacco choices prior to making your final decision. We hope this information has assisted you discover more about these special using tobacco units!