I-tip hair extensions: everything you need to know


I-hint hair extensions are probably the most widely used solutions to add more length and volume for your natural hair. I-tips are occasionally named “micro rings” or “beaded wefts.” They are made out of 100% man Remy locks, and each strand is tipped using a tiny silicon bead.

The bead is going to be clamped onto a little section of your natural head of hair using particular pliers. No temperature, no stick, with out chemicals are required! I-tip extensions may last up to 12 weeks with care and upkeep.

Great things about I-hint hair extensions:

The key benefits of making use of I-tip hair extensions a wide range of. Firstly, they may be significantly less destroying to the normal your hair than other sorts of extensions like glue-ins or sew-ins. There is absolutely no have to drill an opening inside your scalp or Hair Extensions to your all-natural hair.

The sole thing which comes into contact with your hair is the little silicone bead. I-tips are flexible and can be styled in any way. You can curl them, straighten them, and in many cases colour them! They are also quite simple to remove and re-utilize if you want to make positive changes to appear.

How to apply for I-suggestion hair extensions:

Making use of I-suggestion hair extensions is a pretty easy process completed at home. Very first, you have got to buy the proper products. You need:

-I-suggestion hair extensions

-Silicone beads


After you have all of your supplies, start by sectioning off little sections of your organic head of hair. Then get an I-suggestion extension and thread it through the bead. Following, make use of the pliers to clamp on the bead on your natural your hair. Repeat this approach until all of your extensions are in location.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully applied for your I-idea hair extensions!

How to take away I-hint hair extensions:

Getting rid of I-idea hair extensions is as simple as applying them. Initially, use the pliers to unclamp the beads from the organic hair. After all of the beads are taken out, gently take out the extensions. In the event that the extensions are caught up, you can use a tiny amount of conditioner to help you loosen them up.

There you may have it! You now know every little thing you need to know about I-tip hair extensions! We hope the following information was beneficial and this you’ll provide them with a go! Thanks for studying!