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Metatrader forex scalping indicator
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Scalping is differential method (work on a derivative). Apply in any market, but especially effective on Forex market, as the most liquid and dynamic of all markets.

Scalping – the technology of trade, providing multiple (often) deals with the purpose of obtaining a large number of small profitable results. ... Focused on the monotonous parts of the trend (for the very smart - is when the first derivative of the trend does not change its sign), but not for short intervals, as many believe. The time interval in this case depends on whether the trader believes that the monotonous plot. But the monotony is not dependent on the volatility (dynamics), as determined solely by the preferences of market participants. Consequently, scalp (lick) profits can be within 3-5 seconds, and within 3-5 minutes, but can be longer.

Metatrader forex scalping indicator

Paramon’s indicator is based on intraday system.


Metatrader forex scalping indicator

Pluses of Metatrader forex scalping indicator
- selling virtually minimal risk.
Drawdown of Metatrader forex scalping indicator  - a large volume of trade.
Trade on limit orders, ie the input and output must be very fast.
With all the merits of scalping is considered a very nervous type of trade as the need to constantly monitor the level of stops.


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