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Indicator SS2009
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This indicator works on the currency pair GBPUSD. Developers advise to use it at 4-hour timeframe. This will avoid false signals, which often appear on small timeframes.

Let’s examine the details of what is the indicator and how to interpret it.
1. Signal bars Bollindger Bands
2. Indicator Heiken Ashi
3. Indicator MACD.

Multicurrency indicator  SS2009

You can’t edit indicator SS2009 source code and comes as is. (ie only the file format. Ex4.) But there is the possibility of fine-tuning of indicators, after its installation.

What lies in the archive.
Files: # Signal_Bars_v8.ex4
Bollinger Bands_Stop_v2. Ex4
Heiken Ashi Smoothed_v2.ex4

Template for usage of the indicator.
After unpack archive, you need to move files in the folder C: \ Program Files \ MT \ experts \ indicators
A template file in the folder C: \ Program Files \ MT \ templates

Indicator interpretation.

Three indicators MACD, STR, EMA show the direction on different time intervals. That is very convenient. No need to jump constantly on the timeframes and record values. Just look at the chart. Very convenient.

Multicurrency indicator  SS2009

Green color - the trend is up.

Red color - the trend downwards.

Orange - flat.

Also displays the following:

Current Price Bid.

Spread - spread in pips.

Pips to Open - the number of pips prior to the beginning of opening day candle.

Hi to Low - the number of pips from high to Low rates, also for the daily chart.

Daily Av-average price for the day chart.

The working area of the indicator includes an indicator Heiken Ashi, as well as Bollinger Bands. Blue color shows us the upward movement. Red - downward. There is also an opportunity to set the sound signal.

Multicurrency indicator  SS2009

Indicator SS2009_B area is  MACD indicator area. You can determine the strength of the trend with it, as well as to find divergence signals.


Download this file (indicator SS2009_v2.rar)Multicurrency indicator SS2009[ ]45 Kb
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