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Forex signal indicator
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Forex signal indicator ASCTrend1sig shows when to sell and when to buy.


Forex signal indicator

To make a profit, you must buy the currency cheaper and sell at a high price or sell at a high price to buy cheaper. If a trader opens and closes the position, based solely on emotions, his approach to the market is neither practical nor rational.


- Shows the signals to buy with the blue arrows.
- Shows signal to sell with the red arrows.

Forex signal indicator entries.

Forex trading signals suggest trader useful information: for some currency pair and for what price is to perform an operation and with which timeframe a position should be opened.

Signal to buy.

The blue arrow shows the buy signal.

Buy signal

Signal to sell.
The red arrow shows the sell signal.

Sell signal

Forex signal results

Trade is only for major currencies - EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD and CAD

Forex signal indicator results

The total number of buy signals - 688
The total number of sell signals – 830

Forex signal indicator

The total number of profit positions - 1028
The total number of loss positions– 490

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