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Best scalp indicator mt4
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But this indicator is one of the best indicator for scalping. It draws on the chart a white candle, and the arrow below

\ above it, showing what to do buy or sell.
Red arrow - to sell
Green arrow - to buy.


Best scalp indicator mt4

Scalping is a method of trading on the Forex market for small currency fluctuations. The main purpose of which is to earn 10 to 15 cents on each transaction, at the risk of only two or three cents.

Rules of trade with best scalp indicator mt4

The basic rules of scalping are:
- Availability of a very small spread, no more than 3-4 pips.
- Large Bid or Offer;
- Trader should have great experience of trade-specific tool
- Small, but quiet price fluctuations.


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Re: Best scalp indicator mt4
Jan 15 2012 19:43:15

does anybody know, where I can get this best scalp indicator?

Seems so, as if it is not downloadable on this site and I cannot find it anywhere else.
Thanks for answers
Re: Best scalp indicator mt4
Jan 15 2012 23:16:11
Maybe it doesn't even exist. Not nice to show it then be so vague about it.
Re: Best scalp indicator mt4
Jan 16 2012 20:40:05
Oh well...I was hoping to try this one.
Re: Best scalp indicator mt4
Jan 16 2012 21:20:19
Me too. How about it admin? Where do we get it?

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