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Trading Software/Software for analysis
Wave 59 is software tools and technical market analysis.
Tuesday, 15 June 2010 | 3078 hits
Trading Software/Trading simulators
Wealth-Lab Developer 5.1 is a program of technical analysis and testing systems.
Monday, 14 June 2010 | 3347 hits
Trading Software/Software for analysis
In this article we will explore the trading platform Ninja Trader and learn the principles of trade in Ninja, for example, a broker that uses high-speed data provider ZenFire.
Sunday, 04 April 2010 | 4457 hits
Trading Software/Currency platforms
MetaTrader 5 is intended for trade on Forex, CFD and Futures, as well as the stock markets.
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 | 4511 hits
Trading Software/Trading simulators
Forex Tester - is a professional program (simulator), designed for training of traders and their acquisition of necessary skills for work in the Forex market.
Friday, 26 February 2010 | 5751 hits
Market tools/Miscellaneous
Free toolbar for firefox - FX-BAR FREE, which is set in Mozilla Firefox and the Internet Explorer, it has quotes, news, radio from bloomberg and other gadgets.
Thursday, 25 February 2010 | 1999 hits
Trading Software/Currency platforms
Automated trading - a relatively new, promising technology. It lies in the fact that management of the trading account is transferred to a computer program (Expert Advisor, Expert, Advisor), and MetaTrader 4
Sunday, 14 February 2010 | 2715 hits
Trading Software/Currency platforms
Mobile trading – is a management of the trading account via portable devices such as a cell phones, a smartphones and personal digital assistants (PDA).
Sunday, 14 February 2010 | 2176 hits
Trading Software/Software for analysis
AmiBroker is the program for technical analysis with a large package of indicators. In addition to technical analysis AmiBroker allows you to create and test trading systems.
Thursday, 11 February 2010 | 28991 hits
Trading Software/Software for analysis
TrendCatchFX monitor the market of currency contracts on a spot  and generates trend signals in real-time (trend-channel system) for the 7 currency pairs:
Thursday, 11 February 2010 | 2278 hits
Market tools/Portfolio Managers
TradeLogger - free money management tool for traders. Notebook for transactions and money management.
Thursday, 11 February 2010 | 1938 hits
Trading Software/Currency platforms
Trading platform Currenex Direct from Alpari is the ECN-platform providing direct access on FOREX market, fulfilment of orders in real time (Non Dealing Desk) and the conclusion of transactions with one click (1 click ESP).
Thursday, 11 February 2010 | 1899 hits
Market tools/Miscellaneous
Simple utility World Market Times shows hours of world trading sessions of financial capitals of the world - London, Sydney, Tokyo, New York. Also on the schedule
Thursday, 11 February 2010 | 1985 hits
Trading Software/Currency platforms
This tutorial guide will show you how to add forex indicators in Metatrader from downloading trading platform to adding indicator to terminal. If you are a new on the Forex market you probably know about well-known trading platform –...
Thursday, 04 February 2010 | 1725 hits
Trading Software/Software for analysis
Metastock incorporates two additional functions – metastock systems tester and explorer. Let’s look at Metastock system tester.
Saturday, 16 January 2010 | 2194 hits
Trading Software/Software for analysis
Now let’s take a look at the explorer. Metastock Explorer allows us to work with large databases and apply field researches. You can see the list of indicators that we can use as filters. In this we select one and run it.
Saturday, 16 January 2010 | 2156 hits
Trading Software/Software for analysis
There are two additional stand-alone programs include with Metastock Downloader and Option Scope.
Saturday, 16 January 2010 | 2252 hits
Trading Software/Software for analysis
In this short user’s manual we are gonna look at is analysis of metastock indicators.
Saturday, 16 January 2010 | 3792 hits

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